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Bhopal Madhya PradeshBhopal is capital city of State of Madhya Pradesh of India. It is second largest city of Madhya Pradesh, after Indore. It is also known as “City of Lakes”. It was founded by Parmara Rajput King Bhoj during 1000 A.D. – 1055 A.D. and was capital of Dhar. The name “Bhopal” is derived from “Bhojpal”, where “Bhoj” is the name of King and “Pal”means dam that is constructed to create artificial lakes to cater the need of water. Today’s Bhopal was founded by Afgan soldier Dost Mohammed Khan (1708A.D.-1726A.D.). He bought the Islamic culture & architecture in Bhopal. It was the second largest Muslim state in pre-independence India was ruled by 4 Begums (Queen) from 1819 to 1926. The ruler of Bhopal acceded to India in 1 May, 1949.

The founder of existing Bhopal city was Dost Mohammed. Fleeing from Delhi in the chaotic period that followed after the death of Mougal emperor Aurangzeb in 1707. Dost Mohammed met the Gond queen Kamlapati, who sought his aid after the murder of her consort.

A charming legent relates how the queen would recline in a lotus barge that, on moonlit nights, would drift across the lake. The two lakes o Bhopal still dominate the city, and are indeed its nucleus. Bordered along their shores stand silent sentinels that testify to the growth of a city. Visit to Bhopal will take you to the journey that covers a time span of thousand years and would take you across the water-systems, dams, punchakki, mosques, palaces and gardens of yesteryears. Lakes & hills of Bhopal enchanted Gonds, Afgans, Rajputs and Britishers alike compelling them to stay on. During the visit of Bhojpur, about 25kms from Bhopal, Bhoj's dam their will surprise you with the advance knowledge of hydraulic of the 11th century king.

How to reach Bhopal City
Bhopal is capital city of Madhya Pradesh in Central India. It has direct train connectivity with cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Agra, Jabalpur etc. Their are two railway stations in Bhopal city i.e. Bhopal Junction & Habibganj Station. Important railway junction Itarsi is just 100kms from Bhopal. Similarly Bhopal has airport with connectivity from Mumbai & Delhi. By road, it is well connected with important cities like Indore, Jabalpur, Sagar, Damoh etc.

Bhopal CityTheir are many tourist attractions that derives Bhopal tourism. Important places to see during Bhopal city tour are:

Bhoj's Dam or Bara Talab
With stand of 300 ft. wide wall of dry masonry made of big boulders tapering to approx 500ft. at the base, used to holde the water of Bhim Tal, the now destroyed dam at Bhojpur supposedly constructed by King Bhoja (1010-1053CE). The wall holds the waters of Kolans and Kujhaman river of the past, to form Bara Talab with a spread of 13.8 sq. km. Pn the other side is Chhota Talab constructed much later around 1730 bu constructing Pul-Pukhta. Both the talabs are connected through a tunel gate and a sluice gate. In case of overflow, the water flows into Patra nala to Halali that joins Betwa river. Now a days we can see the remains of the bastions of the wall, which was destroyed not so far back.

Chhota Talab
In year 1777, Chhote Khan built a bridge called Pul-Pukhta (Pul means Bridge and Pukhta means long-lasting) towards the eastern side of city to form a small lake called Chhota Talab covering 3.25 sq. km. He was the Dewan (Manager) of Nawab Hayat Mohammad Khan the 4th Nawab (Small King) ) of Bhopal State. Making of the bridge provided direct access to Jehangirabad area that was till then approachable on from Banganga. The settlement of unruly Afgan troops on Jehangirabad side cam several years later when Jehangir Mohammad Khan became the Nawab of Bhopal 1830.

Moti Masjid
Moti Masjid in Bhopal was built in year 1860 by Nawab Sikandar Jehan Begum, the 10th ruler. It is among the must visit monuments during Bhopal local sightseeing. With the combination of red sand stone and white marble used in its construction, the Masjid stands like a jewel in the crown of Sardar Manzil. Its architecture reminds of Jama Masjid of Delhi, located in Old Delhi area. Two 12-pillared parilions top the centre of the wal joining the two is a massive gateway, approached by a U-shaped flight of steps required to climb 5mtr. plinthof the mosque. The courtyard of Moti Masjid has twin pillared aisles on three sides and the prayer hall towards the west. The prayer hall is eleven bayed with mehrabs of 5 central bays in white marble. Their are 3 fluted domes with gold finials from the room of the prayer hall. Their are 2 tanks inside are used for Vaju. Whole stone work is of high quality and precision.

Van Vihar National Park
It is located in Bhopal city, close to Badi Jheel. In year 1983, it was declared as a National Park with an area of 4.45 sq. kms. Despite of having status of National Park it was developed as modern Zoological Park under the guidelines of Central Zoo Authority of India. Here most of the animals are orphan, handicap, helpless, declared dangerous for human society, old etc. They all are kept near natural habitat. Here no animal is deliberately captured from forest just to showcase them. Van Vihar National Park is located in Shyamla Hills area on the fringe of Upper Lake. Animals like: Tiger, Leopard, Lion, Sloth Bear, Hyena, Python, Crocodiles, Alligator, Spotted Deer, Blackbuck, Sambhar, Neelgai etc. Bird watching at Van Vihar National Park in Bhopal is also great as it is located close to lake and densely green. Here all carnivorous animals are kept is one side in enclosures and herbivores are allowed to roam freely inside the park. Park is maintained by Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh. Park is open for visitors as per timing and one can visit the park after purchasing visitor's ticket from ticket counter at the entrance gate.

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Udaigiri Caves

75 Kms.

Satpura National Park

210 Kms.

Hotels in Bhopal
As Bhopal is a capital city of Madhya Pradesh, all the important state government offices are located in the city and due to presence of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites close to Bhopal city, it is frequently visited by visitors and tourists from outside the city & country. In order to provide desired accommodation facilities to guests, their are number of good quality hotels are offering their useful services in city. Among them Hotel Jehan-numa Palace & Noor-us-sabah are the two best heritage hotels in Bhopal city. In addition to them hotels like Hotel Palash, Hotel Ranjits Lakeview, Amer Palace, Nisargah, The Mark, Lakeview Ashok etc some of the 3-star category hotels in Bhopal. -
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