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Orchha Fort

Orchha was founded in 16th century by the Bundela Rajput. It is 20 km. from Jhansi on Jhansi-Khajuraho road, having Railway station & Bus stand. The nearest airport to reach Orchha is Gwalior which is 120 km away or Khajuraho Airport which is 180 km from Orchha town. Their is good accomodation facility in Orchha for all type of visitors. Most of the tourists visiting Khajuraho by train from Delhi, arrive at Jhansi Railway Station and take lunch in Orchha which is just 20 km from Jhansi and then after sightseeing of Orchha, proceed to Khajuraho. Orchha town is built on the bank of Betwa river on which river-rafting can also be enjoyed.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department has began Light & Sound Show in Jehangir Palace of Orchha for Tourists, just like what is going on in Khajuraho. It becomes another major attraction for tourists in evening hours.

How to reach Orchha -
The nearest airport to reach Maheshwar is in the Indore City, direct flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Raipur, Lucknow is available to reach here.

Places to See in Orchha -
Dinman Hardols Palace - Dinman Hardaul is second-son of Bir Singh Ju Deo. He gave up his life to prove his innocence to his elder brother Jhujhar Singh who doubted the relationship of Hardaul with Jhujhar's wife. Hardaul was poisioned by Juhar Singh's wife as per instruction of Jhujhar. Prince Hardaul was reatly respected and revered as a saint by the people. After his martyrdom, Hardaul was worshipped as a God.

Jehangir Mahal Orchha - Built by King Bir Singh Ju Deo to have a view of soaring templespires and cenotaphs.

Raja Mahal Palace - Its construction was initiated by Rudra Pratab Singh (16th century Ruler) completed by successors. It have lavish royal accommodations with balconies, towers, domed pavilions.Interior have mirrors-fragments, animated painting on wall & ceilings. There is a Sheesh Mahal also to attract tourists.

Rai Praveen Mahal Orchha - Rai Praveen Mahal, Orchha was built by Raja Indramani for his concubine in around the year 1675. It is situated in North of Sheesh Mahal (mentioned above). It isĀ surrounded by the sprawling lawns of the Anand Mahal. On the upper floor, there were separate sitting rooms and bedrooms for the women belonging to the royal family.

Orchha PaintingPhool Bagh Orchha - It served as a summer retreat by the kings of Orchha. The Phool Bagh were built as a memorial for Dinman Hardaul, the prince of Orchha, who died a martyr, to prove his innocence to his big brother.

Chaturbhuj Temple Orcha - This temple in Orchha was built by Raja Madhukar between the years 1558 and 1573. It is said that Maharani Gansh Kunwar, wife of the Ruler of Orchha, raja madhukar built the temple for Lord Rama. She wanted to relocate the idol of Rama that was placed in Rani Niwas, her private apartments to the temple.But the idol refused to move.Thus , the king instead of Lord rama, places the idol of Lord Vishnu, with four arms in the temple. That is how, the name Chaturbhuj temple was attained.

Ram Raja Temple - There is a fascinating tale behind the history of the Ram Raja Temple. This temple was at one point of time, a palace of the then ruler Madhukar Shah. Legend says that once Lord Rama appeared in his dreams due to which Madhukar Shah brought the idol of Lord Rama into the palace before installing it inside the temple. But for some reason the idol could not be moved from its original place in the palace. The ruler then remembered the bit of his dream where it was said that the idol would stay at the place it would be kept initially. It was then that the king turned the palace into a temple.

Lakshmi Dev Temple - Vir Singh Deo had built the beautiful Laxmi Narayan Temple around 1622 But due to inadequate maintenance, the condition of the temple soon worsened. It was reconstructed by Prithvi Singh during 1793. This temple was dedicated to Goddess of wealth, Laxmi.

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