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Pachmarhi - Hill Station in Central India

Maheshwar Ghat

Pachmarhi is a famous hill station in Madhya Pradesh and is widely known as Queen of Satpura. It lies in Hoshangabad district  and is located at an elevation of 3500 ft. in valley of Satpura Mountain-Ranges. Its name is derived from presence of 5 ancient caves. “Panch” means five and “marhi” means caves. Pachmarhi is often pronounced as Panchmarhi or Pachmadhi or Panchmadhi also.

It is discovered by British Army Captain James Forsyth in 1857 when he was sent their to suppress famous revolt for freedom by freedom fighters like Rani Jhansi, Tatya Topa who use this area as a safe hideout and inspires local tribal people to participate in fight for freedom. James Forsyth was so impressed with the scenic beauty of Satpura Hills that he wrote a book called "Highlands of Central India".

How to reach Pachmarhi -
Nearest railway station for Pachmarhi is Pipariya about 50 km. away. Near by airport is in Bhopal(210km) and in Jabalpur(255km) having direct flights for Delhi & other cities. Reaching Pachmarhi is not a big problem, one can find direct trains from Mumbai to Pipariya, Delhi to Pipariya, Kolkata to Pipariya, Ahmedabad to Pipariya etc. So reaching Pachmarhi is not a big question. At Pipariya railway station, visitors can find private vehicles at regular interval for transfers from Pipariya to Pachmarhi at reasonable rates. Nearest Airport for Pachmarhi is Bhopal and Jabalpur airport. Pachmarhi have small runway for charted planes & defence planes only.

Pachmarhi SightseeingPachmarhi Sightseeing -
It is general believe that Pandavs have spend some time in aforesaid 5 caves during exile (Agyatvaas). In Mahadeo hills one can see famous Rock-painting also. There are many scenic point, temples, Picnic spots, water falls etc like Dhoopgarh in Pachmarhi, Bee fall in Pachmarhi, Handi Khoh Pachmarhi,Reach garh, Chauragarh Pachmarhi, Jatashankar, Pandav caves, Priyadarshini point, Bade Mahadeo, Gupt Mahadeo. Waterfalls in Pachmarhi are also major attraction for tourists like Bee fall, Rajat fall, Jog fall etc. One can also enjoy boating in Pachmarhi Jheel. Usually Pachmarhi Sightseeing takes atleast two days as tourist points are scattered in a large area and all the point are not accessible through vehicles like Bee-fall, Rajat fall, Apsara fall, Chauragarh etc. For wildlife lovers, Satpura National Park is another popular Tiger Reserve close to Pachmarhi town. It is on the way from Pipariya to Pachmarhi. Satpura National Park is known for wild Gaurs, giant squirrels, Tigers, leopards, spotted deers, blackbucks etc. It is a less crowded national park with great scenic beauty.

Trekking in Pachmarhi -
Camping out in Pachmarhi's forests is a rare joy. It is famous for its scouts training camps, winter training camps and mountaineering camps. Pitch your tent in any clearing, light a fire, follow the smoke to the heavens. Pick up any trail and in no time you are surrounded by the sound of burbling water and the rustling of leaves. Tall ant-hills, that look like bits of sculpture, meditate under the sal trees and langurs stare down mysteriously from the occasional huge gular trees. The Satpura National Park, a lesser known wildlife sanctuary and reserve forest, surrounds Pachmarhi.

Waterfalls in PachmarhiHotels & Resorts in Pachmarhi -
Tourists from all over the world do Pachmarhi Tour every year. To accomodate such a large visitors in Pachmarhi, one can find MP Tourism hotels in Pachmarhi and Private Hotels in Pachmarhi.

MP Tourism Department have seven British era bungalows for accommodation in Pachmarhi like Hotel Amaltas, Hotel Amaltas, Hotel Glen View, Hotel Rock-End-Manor etc. Pachmarhi hotels are available for every budget category tourist like one can find budget hotels in Pachmarhi, luxury hotels in Pachmarhi, Bungalows in Pachmarhi.

In peak seasons of Pachmarhi, hoteliers often provide special Pachmarhi Tour Packages. Pachmarhi town is small and can be covered by walk also. Most of the private hotels are clustered into a small area, close to each other. Here hotel tariff fluctuates as per tourist season so their is always scope for bargaining.

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