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Aurangabad City

Aurangabad, also known as "the city of gates", is one of the major city of Maharashtra State in India; due to the presence of popular tourist places like ajanta ellora, shirdi nasik etcm the city is more becoming a tourist hub for the maharastra tourism. The city was named after the last   Mughal emperor Aurangzeb   . The city is known for its historical   monuments and cultural heritage.

Ajanta and Ellora is situated in Aurangabad. Spectacular rock cut caves and cave paintings exist here.Aurangabad is also famous for its   silk and cotton textiles. Aurangabad is also called as CITY OF GATES; the city is surrounded by hills. It is a very interesting travel destination in India to visit. Many tourists visit this place due to its famousWorld heritage site of Ajanta - Ellora Caves.

History of Aurnagabad

Aurangabad was declared as part of Maharashtra in the year 1956.The heritage of Aurangabad is linked with different Muslim rulers and dynasties of India. The city was founded in 1610 by Malik Amber, Prime Minster of Muetaza Nizam Shah of Ahmednagar;    He discovered the city during his visit to Kharki village. He was defeated by his son Fateh Khan, and he named the city as Fatehpur in 1626 .He made the city his capital and renamed it as the present day Aurangabad.

How to Reach Aurnagabad City :

By Air: Air port is 10 km away from the city. It is also known as chikkalthana airport. Airport is directly linked with Mumbai, Delhi, jaipur and Udaipur.

By Train: the Nearest Railway Station is Manmad which is 120 km away from Aurangabad. There are regular trains to Aurangabad from Mumbai and other major railway stations in the country.

By Road: By road, Aurangabad is efficiently connected with Patna, Gaya and Bhojpur. Several luxury buses are running between Mumbai and Aurangabad that extends up to Ajanta/Ellora Cave.

Ajanta Caves 120 Ellora Caves 40 Kms
Jalgaon 165 Kms Burhanpur 340 Kms
xx 130 Kms xx 250 Kms

ajanta ellora caves aurnagabadPlaces of tourist attractions in Aurangabad -

Aurnagabad Caves -
Aurangabad caves are just a few kilometers away from the famous monument of Bibi Ka Maqbara. These caves are believed to be excavated between 2nd and 6th century AD. Aurangabad caves are carved out of the hillside and are a fine piece of architecture. A major chunk of the caves in Aurangabad are Viharas. Total number of caves is twelve; out of which cave number 3 and 7 are the most fascinating ones. Cave number 1 to 5 are in the western group and caves from 6 to 10 are in the eastern group. Tantric influences are noticeable in Aurangabad caves.

Biwi ka Maqbara - Bibi Ka Maqbara is situated 5 km away from Aurangabad. Aurangazeb's son, Prince Azam Shah built it in 1678 in the memory of his mother Begum Rabia Durani. This mausoleum is a replica of the famous Taj Mahal. Despite the layout and surrounding of the tomb is very much similar to Taj Mahal, somehow the architecture fails to produce the magic of the Taj. Hence, it is considered to be a poor imitation of the Taj Mahal.

khuldabad aurangabadKhuldabad - The holy village of Khuldabad, meaning the Abode of Eternity, houses the tomb of Aurangzeb, the last Mughal Emperor. It is a simple structure; it serves as a reminder of the frugal life led by the great ruler. It was constructed, as per his instructions, with the few rupees he had earned by stitching cloth caps.

Panchakki - There is also a shrine of a saint, Baba Shah Musafir at the site where panchaki is situated. Panchakki (Water Wheel) derives its name from the mill that was used at the early days. The mill is driven with the water brought through earthen pipes from the river 6km away.

Himroo Silk Factory - A workshop in Aurangabad's Zaffar gate is continuing the conventional style of Himroo hand weaving. The workshop also maintains a show room to showcase these products. Here, one can see and shop Himroo shawls and sarees. Bold patterns and colours are the specialities of Mashru fabrics. It is said that Marco Polo has been gifted a fabric woven in silk and gold threads.

Ajanta Caves - Ajanta Caves are one of the most magnificent Buddhist caves in the whole of India. They are situated at a distance of approximately 100 km from Aurangabad and 40 km from Jalgaon. Counted amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Maharashtra.

Daulatabad AurnagabadEllora Caves - Ellora Caves are situated in Maharashtra, at a distance of approximately 30 km from the city of Aurangabad. Founded in the period between 5th century and 10th century AD, these caves were declared as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, a number of years back.

Paithan - Paithan is an ancient city, located 56 km away from Aurangabad. It has been constructed on the embankment of Godavari River and is known for its beautiful 'Paithanis' - silk sarees woven with elaborate zari borders. One of the major attractions of the city is Jayakwadi Dam, which comprises of a garden and dancing fountains in its complex.

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